Important Herd Practice & Show #2 Announcements

Due to an unprecedented turnout with over 200 horses entered the board has revised the schedule for this weekend’s event to accommodate the turnout.

The first set of the herd practice will settle at 10 am Friday (moved back 2 hrs from noon).

The open bridle and open hackamore classes will run following the herd practice on Friday (after break down and drag estimated start time 4:18 pm, moved from Saturday)

Saturday and Sunday will start at 7 am (moved back 1 hr from 8 am)

The non pro bridle will be the first class Saturday.

The youth cow horse and youth boxing will run following the non pro two rein on Saturday (estimated start time 3:28 pm, moved from Sunday)

The open boxing will be the first class Sunday.

These changes will allow us to finish about 6:30 pm Friday, 8 pm Saturday and 6 pm Sunday.