Shows #9 and #10 and Saddle Shootout Reminder

Just a reminder that our big year end NRCHA approved show and saddle shootout at the International Agri-Center in Tulare is coming up on Friday November 13 through Sunday November 15. Entries will close on Friday November 6 the week before the show. In order to hold this event under the continuing COVID-19 restrictions, no late entries will be allowed. In addition to a completed entry form, a signed release form will be required, and the event will be open only to pre-entered exhibitors and essential support staff.

Remember that this event will include two shows over three days and will be your last chance to earn points toward year end awards in CRCHA classes and your last chance to earn points toward regional and national year end awards and world championship qualification in NRCHA classes.

Friday will feature show #9 with a full slate of classes. Saturday will feature the fence classes for show #10 followed by the fence saddle shootout. Sunday will feature the boxing classes for show #10 followed by the boxing saddle shootout.

To qualify for the shootout you must be a CRCHA member and show in shows #9 and #10 (there are no pre-qualification requirements and no additional entry fees). Each horse and rider combination will be limited to one entry in the shootout (if a horse and rider combination qualify in more than one class they are limited to one entry in the shootout). In the case of ties, all tied horse and rider combinations will qualify. Qualifiers in all CRCHA classes except open boxing will advance to the shootout.

For fence classes the top combined cow work score (including ties) from shows #9 and #10 open, non pro and youth fence CRCHA classes (Open Bridle, Limited Open Bridle, Non Pro Bridle, Intermediate Non Pro Bridle, Novice Non Pro Bridle, Open Hackamore, Open Jr Horse, Limited Open Jr Horse, Non Pro Jr Horse, Open Two Rein, Non Pro Two Rein, Youth Fence) will qualify.

For boxing classes the top three combined cow work scores (including ties) from shows #9 and #10 non pro and youth boxing CRCHA classes (Youth Limited, Non Pro Limited, Intermediate Non Pro Limited, Novice Non Pro Limited) will qualify.

Circuit awards will presented to the high combined rein and cow scores from show #9 and show #10 (high combined cow scores will break ties, if cow scores are tied a coin toss will break ties).

Entry and release forms posted at “Show Forms“.

Finally a huge thank you to our generous sponsors who have made this event possible: Brother Jackson sponsoring show #9, F&L Steel sponsoring show #10 and 4D Ranch Gotta Go Get It sponsoring the saddle shootout! We can’t do this without you!