Show # 9 & Show # 10 Class Counts Posted & Schedule Revised

We are excited to announce that we have 78 fence entries and 67 boxing entries for show #9 on Friday November 13 for a total of 145 works. Due to the high turnout in order to avoid keeping exhibitors and show labor up too late on Friday night we have decided to move the non pro limited block for show #9 from Friday night to Saturday morning (keeping the youth limited and open boxing on Friday following the fence classes) followed by the show #10 fence classes starting at about noon and finishing up with the fence shoot out. With this revised schedule we should finish up on Friday by about 8 pm and we should finish up on Saturday by about 9 pm. The schedule for Sunday will remain the same with all the show #10 boxing classes followed by the boxing shoot out and circuit awards presentations wrapping up at about 5 pm. All three days will start at 8 am.