Show #9-10 Entry form is posted and shootout rules

The Entry form for Show #9-10 is posted online.

Remember that this is two shows over three days and your last opportunity to get in five shows to qualify for year end awards if you haven’t attended five yet.

Friday is Show #9 with a full slate of classes. Saturday is the fence classes for Show #10 followed by the saddle shootout. Sunday will be the boxing classes for Show #10 and the saddle shootout for the boxing classes.

To qualify for the shootout you must be a CCHA member and show in Show #9 and #10. There will only be one run per rider (if you qualify in more than one class you only get one run). In the case of a tie, ties will also qualify. Open Boxing will not be included.
For fence classes the highest composite cow work score from Show #9 and #10 CCHA classes (Open Bridle, Limited Open Bridle, Non Pro Bridle, Novice Non Pro Bridle, Intermediate Non Pro Bridle, Open Hackamore, Open Jr Horse, limited Open Jr Horse, Non Pro Jr Horse, Open Two Rein, Non Pro Two Rein, Youth Bridle) will qualify.
For boxing classes the top three cow work score composites from Show #9 and #10 non pro and youth boxing CCHA classes (Youth Limited, Non Pro Limited, Intermediate Non Pro Limited, Novice Non Pro Limited) will qualify.

2019 CCHA Horse Show #9-10 Entry Form

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