2020 CRCHA Spring Spectacular, Derby & Horse Shows #4 & #5 – Postponed

The CRCHA board continues to closely monitor and evaluate the COVID-19 outbreak status in California on a daily basis as well as the evolving federal and state guidelines as they relate generally to gatherings and specifically to sporting events. We are also consulting regularly with show facilities and the NRCHA for additional information and guidance. We are holding frequent virtual meetings to share and review this information and guidance. We are focusing on understanding the government guidelines in combination with the progression of the outbreak to make informed decisions about scheduled events and to make detailed plans for conducting events so we can safely resume showing as soon as possible.

In consideration of all of this, we concluded at our Thursday April 30 virtual board meeting, that we would have to postpone our May event. Again, our goal is to resume showing as soon as possible, and when that time comes, to reschedule as many of our postponed events as possible. We have plans in place for adapting our events to comply with safety and legal guidelines and for rescheduling postponed events based on the date that we resume showing.

Please look for an update the first week of June in regard to the June show here and on our Facebook page.