Congratulations to the 4D Ranch Gotta Go Get It Shoot Out Champions and Horse Shows #9 & #10 Circuit Champions

We are excited to announced our Circuit Champions and 4D Ranch Gotta Go Get It Shoot Out Champions.

Circuit Champions

Open Bridle – Wyatt Fisher and Prize Winning Gal owned by Lauren Wood
Limited Open Bridle – Tresha Geltner and Cheque Please owned by Judy Adkinson
Youth Bridle – Hanna Self and Bloochip Boon
Non Pro Bridle – Jake Brooks and A Prize Starlight owned by Linda and Jake Brooks
Novice Non Pro Bridle – Diane Shaffer and ARC Sparked Interest
Open Jr Horse – Ted Robinson and CD Sparkin owned by Nikki Jump
Limited Open Jr Horse – Rebecca Sternadel and SJR Smart Dancer
Non Pro Jr Horse – Jamie Roberts and Catzby owned by Jim and Linda Schrack
Open Two Rein – John Ward and Getta Pearl owned by Shawna & Raymond
Non Pro Two Rein – Samara Trimble and Two Scoops Of Reysin
Open Boxing – Lance Johnson and Wimpys Little Havoc owned by Carlee Miller
Youth Limited – Kylie Haskins and Pepe Le Wright
Non Pro Limited – Paula Francis and Roosters Zack
Intermediate Non Pro Limited – Paula Francis and Roosters Zack
Novice Non Pro Limited – Christina Ruddy and Wise Bass Cat

Shootout Champions

Fence Shootout – Terry Kennedy and Cloudriders Dillon
Boxing Shootout – Lauren Langbaum and Little Soldado

To see pictures of each of these winners view the slideshow on the home page.