2019-2020 Board of Directors Elections Announced

The California Cow Horse Association board elections are just around the corner. This is a great opportunity for members to become more involved in the association. We have 4 openings this year for board members for the 2019-2020 term. Please let me know if you are interested in helping manage the association by putting your name on the ballot. If you are please include a short paragraph of what you would like people to know about you, for example, you may want to let us know about you and your family, what your profession and favorite hobbies are, and most importantly what attributes you believe would be beneficial to the association as a board member. This will be put on the ballot for voting.

Our association is molded and run by both our members and our board. The club seems to flourish the most when we have a diversity of both non-pro and open riders serving on the board. This helps with perspectives and views from different angles.

The board meets on a monthly basis for most of the year. Each member sits on one or more committees and is an active participant in all decision making. The board members are also active at the shows pitching in to help the shows run, and to also be a support to the club members.

After being voted in the new board members will be brought into office at the first meeting of the new show year. Each member voted in will sit on the board for 2 years. Current board members whose terms expire at the end of this year are Kristy Johnson, Tim Johnson, Tammy Johnston/Stacy Deusterhaus and Murray Thompson. Current board members whose terms expire at the end of next year are MaryAnn Ferrero, Arlene Kelemen, Chris Krieg and Tyrin Prince.

We need your names and bios by August 5th to prepare and approve the ballots which will be emailed to all current members following our next board meeting in mid-August. Final voting by paper ballot will take place at horse show #8 at the International Agri-Center in Tulare on September 1st. If you have any questions feel free to contact Kristy Johnson, treasurer and membership committee chairman by phone at 559-359-5590 or email at 7gzusfreak7@gmail.com.