2018 Horse Shows #9 & #10 Final Standings Posted

The final year-end awards points standings after horse shows #9 and #10 have been posted under “Standings“.

Points are calculated according to rule 9. CCHA class points: “One point for winning class plus one point for each horse defeated. No points are awarded if the total score is zero, but the show counts toward meeting minimum requirement of competing in one-half of the shows to qualify for year-end awards.” For example: 3 horses shown and all earning non zero scores, first place 3 points, second place 1 point, third place 0 points; 5 horses shown and 3 earning non zero scores, first place 5, second place 3, third place 2, fourth place 0, fifth place 0; 4 horses shown and earning non zero scores, second and third place tied, first place 4, second place 1.5, third place 1.5, fourth place 0.

“NS” denotes zero score.

“Qualified” denotes open horses and non pro horse and rider combinations meeting the minimum requirements to qualify for year end performance awards based on the total number of ten shows held and according to rule 10. Year-end performance awards: “…must meet the minimum requirements of competing in one-half of the shows and earning at least one non-zero score.”

The non pro junior horse, open boxing, youth limited, non pro limited, intermediate non pro limited and novice non pro limited classes have met the requirement of seven or more qualified entries to receive a trophy saddle for first place and a trophy buckle for second place. All other class champions will receive trophy buckles.