2018 Horse Show #9, Horse Show #10 Fence, Hosted BBQ, Horse Show #10 Boxing & Shoot Outs Date Change Announced

In addition to the recently announced exciting plans for our fall special event, due to the cancellation of a conflicting event on the following weekend at the International Agri-Center we have been able to reschedule this event to the originally planned dates of Friday November 9, 2018 through Sunday November 11, 2018 at the International Agri-Center at 4500 S Laspina St in Tulare.

Horse show #9 will be held on Friday November 9. Horse show #10 down the fence classes will be held on Saturday November 10, followed by a hosted BBQ and wrapping up with a “down the fence shoot out”. Horse show #10 boxing classes will be held on Sunday November 11 followed by a “boxing shoot out”. The details on circuit awards and shoot out qualification and awards will be announced soon. Please mark your calendars for this exciting conclusion to the 2018 CCHA show season.