2017 Horse Show Class List and Show Information

The board has approved the following horse show classes for the 2017 horse shows:

Paid reining practice, 20 4 minute slots
NRCHA & CCHA Open Bridle
NRCHA & CCHA Limited Open Bridle
NRCHA & CCHA Youth Bridle
NRCHA & CCHA Non Pro Bridle
NRCHA Intermediate Non Pro Bridle
NRCHA & CCHA Novice Non Pro Bridle
NRCHA Open Hackamore
CCHA Open Jr Horse
NRCHA Limited Open Hackamore
CCHA Limited Open Jr Horse
NRCHA Non Pro Hackamore
CCHA Non Pro Jr Horse
NRCHA & CCHA Open Two Rein
NRCHA & CCHA Non Pro Two Rein
CCHA Open Boxing
NRCHA & CCHA Youth Limited
NRCHA & CCHA Non Pro Limited
NRCHA & CCHA 5K Non Pro Limited
NRCHA 1K Non Pro Limited
CCHA Novice Non Pro Limited

The NRCHA classes will have payouts according to NRCHA rule 7.2. Total added money will be increased to $2000. Non Pro Bridle, Hackamore and Two Rein added money will be increased to $150. Add backs in Open Bridle and Hackamore remain $100. Add backs in all other classes will be increased to $40.

The CCHA classes will have year end awards.

The February 4th horse show at Porterville Fairgrounds will start at 7:00 a.m. with the paid reining practice. Jimmy Stickler will be judging and NRCHA reining pattern #12 will be used. The entry form is posted on the CCHA website under Forms.